Cardboard Paintings

Looking for a cheap inexpensive activity for your little ones? Why not paint? Have no idea what to paint on, just grab an old box you have in the garage or an old shoe box and give it new life for a few moments.

We love to paint in this house. The only art work up on the walls actually are of Jackson’s paintings.  So today when he wanted to go outside I wanted to give him an activity to do other than digging up my flowers.

I brought out our Tempura Paints and did a few squirts into muffin cups.  I was able to pick up smaller paints and brushes in Target’s $1 isle yesterday. Took an old moving box out of the garage and onto the back patio. And I let him have some fun!



We tried a little bit of drip painting. He got bored with that fast since it didn’t fall off quick enough.



we have to paint rocks!!!


While singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” he started painting body parts =)


Yes you can paint my white flowers blue.




When we were all done, we turned the muffin cups inside out and smeared the remaining paint!


Our finished painting!

Have fun and enjoy!!

Holy Moly Batman! Let’s Make Capes!!!

So I know we will be having some adventures real soon! But you can’t have adventures with out a cape! This is toddler fashion 101. You must have at least one cape! This is how we make our capes. Please feel free to tweak this however you may need to so that it fits you and your little one the best!

First what you will need are 3 different cotton fabrics. 1/2 Yard for the actual cape, then 2 contrasting colors for the shape and for the initial (these two can be larger scraps of fabric). You will need a shape and an initial too. These you can free hand draw (like I did today with my J) or you can find a font online and use that.  You will also need a sewing machine, chalk to mark the fabric, a round bowl,and velcro.

I usually use a solid for a base which you need to cut from 1/2 yard, today I used black since Jackson just got a Batman shirt.  I also used a bright green for my diamond and a scrap of robot fabric for my J.

My craft room doesn’t have the best lighting, I apologize!

Step 1: 

     Measure your child from the top of his shoulders to mid butt.  Add 1 1/2 inches to that number for seam allowance.   I came up with a 19″ cape for my 3 year old. He is tall and skinny. But, this size should fit from 1 1/2 – 4 year old.

Step 2: 

     Fold the fabric you will be using for you cape in half vertically.


   From the folded edge : measure 6″ at the top going horizontally


                     measure 19″  going vertically (my straight ruler only goes to 17″ so that is why it doesn’t say 19″)


                                             and at the bottom of the fabric measure 13″ going horizontally again.


                                            Mark a straight chalk line from the end of 6″ on top to the end of 13″ on bottom.


 You will now have your folded half of your basic cape shape. Cut on your lines and wipe excess chalk off.

Step 3: 

              Take your round bowl ( I used a round 1 qt pyrex lid for this) and place it over top of your folded edge.  The top diagonal side should have 2″, and vertically should measure 5″. Cut out your neck. For easier sewing you can make a small V-shaped cut at the base of the neck. 




Step 4:

Iron your seams. Have a 1″ seam on the bottom and make sure your edges come to a point.  IMG_2999

1/4″ seam allowance on the sides and 1/2 seam allowance on the top.

Step 5: optional

In a coordinating fabric (preferably the one used for your shape) make two 1/2″x4″ for the neck. This can be used for Velcro, just incase the neck hole isn’t big enough to add it on the actual base fabric.  You can also make these strips longer if you want 1/2″x12″ if you wish to tie your capes. I suggest any kid under the age of 5 have velcro on capes for safety reasons. We do not want any child to strangled because they can not get out of their capes. SAFTEY FIRST! 


Step 6:

Time to cut out your shape and your initial!

My diamond width was 8″

height was 7″


My initial width was 4″

height was 6″


Step 7:

Hem your entire cape.


To attach tie/velcro strips- fold base wing 1″ and sew end of strip on top of the folded wing.



Step 8:

Add your shape! Centered about 1 1/2″ below the base of the neck.

I like to sew in a zig-zag pattern with contrasting thread, today I used bright blue.


Step 9:

Sew your initial on top of your shape. You can either center or off center this. Use your personal preference to see what looks best.

Again I use a zig-zag pattern and used a lime green thread to match the shape this time. 


Step 10:

Add your velcro. Make sure to sew it where it is on opposite sides of the wing so they will pair up properly.

Step 11:

Go around all your edges with some Fray-Check! Save your edges and make your capes last!

Step 12:

Let your Batman or Wonder Woman fly into action and get set to go on some massive adventures!



Welcome To Our Adventure!!!

Thank you so much for coming to Adventures of Action Jackson blog!

Soon enough we will have our first adventure documented and put up so even you and your little ones can do it at home.

I hope to be able to inspire you and your family to learn through adventures, and messy (or sometimes clean) play.

Sit back, buckle up, it is going to get messy!!!


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
-Pablo Picasso