Mind Jar

I have been seeing these Mind Jars floating around Pinterest for a while now. I finally decided to make one. Perfect calm down tool now that Action Jackson has graduated to a 3 minute time out. These mind jars take between 2-3 minutes to settle down. I can’t wait to really try it out with him and see how it works.

I got the recipe for it from My Crazy Blessed Life‘s mind jar right here.

I used a Ethnos bottle 3/4 full of hot (near boiling) water. My Crazy Blessed Life used a Smart Bottle. Either one will work. The bottles have a small smooth circumference  perfect for little hands to hold. And they are plastic since more than likely they will be dropped by little hands.  There are other Mind Jars on Pinterest made out of actual glass jars. I just don’t trust my 3 year old when he is upset to be holding glass.

I also used a full bottle of CLEAR Elmer’s glue, white glue will NOT work. It will turn your water white where you can not see the glitter. I then mixed the clear glue with the hot water in the bottle. Give it several shakes so it dissolves.

Then mix a tube  of glitter glue ( any color) and a tube of fine glitter into the water bottle. This would probably be best is they were the same or similar colors. We used red. Since it was the only color I had both glitter and glitter glue.


Adding the glitter



All shaken up.


All settled….

I hope that this will work with your little one becomes a cranky butt and just needs to calm down.


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