Playtime Adventures

In this house we really like the Muppets. My husband went to NYC on business around 3 years ago when our son was a few months old. Well he came home and surprised us with a Build Your Own Muppet at the Muppet Whatnot Workshop. You can do them at FAO Schwartz or online here.

Every now and then Jackson will come out and start to pretend play with our Muppet (who still does not have a name! Any ideas?).

Today we just played for a little while and my photos are kinda crappy since they are Iphone photos. Excuse the quality.


When I 1st saw it I thought it looked similar to my Dad (I love you). The hair, glasses, and he even has a hat that he wears. Plus he is wearing a NY jersey. My dad loves the Yankees. Even though it is supposed to be NY Pigeons.


The Muppet just wanted a smell.




Your hammer really doesn’t belong in his mouth, but we will play along anyways.


Big Hugs


Jack wanted to show him off



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