Bunny Hops

Problems thinking about what to place in your child’s Easter basket?

Pre-made Easter baskets are well let’s face it… BORING

Cheaply made but are expensive.  Plus there are always one or two things in the basket that will never get used.

Putting your own basket together can become expensive as well too, but you can customize it to fit your house and your child.

Easter candy is EVERYWHERE right now.

My family and I are still trying to get rid of Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and just random candy in between too.


I am a little tired of candy to be honest and we really don’t eat it much, hence the reason why we still have so much.

(Family please, if you send candy from now on please only send individual sizes)

So what will be in our son’s Easter basket?

Item’s that will be useful, and we can use every day for crafts and just plain fun time.

This will be a Crayola Easter!

Sidewalk Chalk

MORE Crayons


and perhaps an outdoor toy.


Can I say that again…


Jack has had enough Peeps to satisfy him until the next holiday.

So now that you know what is going in Jackson’s Easter basket.. What’s going to be in your child’s?

**UPDATE 3/16/2013**  I went shopping today and got his Easter Basket together.

It isn’t much but does  a 3 yr old really need much?


We have bubbles, Rise of the Guardians, Angry Birds Tattoos, Triangle crayons, sidewalk chalk, and a dinosaur.

For a total of $30! We already had the basket.

Not to bad and I am sure my little man will be thrilled with it, since he picked pretty much all of it out on his own!

3 responses to “Bunny Hops

  1. I love the idea of no candy. I will do a little but, but nothing major. I usually fill the eggs with healthy fruit snacks, goldfish, and small toys. That is a great Easter basket. We are going shopping for H this weekend to.

    • That’s a great idea with the eggs. We will be going to the zoo for their easter egg hunt so we won’t actually hide any eggs at our house. I did however get some of those jumbo plastic eggs and I am going to try my hand at rice krispie treat eggs with a few candies inside. Hope you have a great Easter!

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