Make some music

There have been two things that I have been wanting to purchase for Jackson lately, a camera and a guitar.  A camera might have to wait until his birthday/Christmas. However, the guitar is something he tries to play every time he sees one around.  On our latest shopping trip at Joann’s, my husband picked up a few more FREE cardboard tubes that use to hold fabric, just like the ones we used in DIY Car Track. Of course we have 3 huge tubes in my dining room and I’m trying to find new projects to do with them.

I didn’t take any pictures of the actual process but it is very simple. I wanted to make something that I could use things I already had. For the guitar all you need is the cardboard tube, cut in half, a shoe box, with or without a lid, and rubber bands.


Since these tubes are very thick I got my exacto knife and did deeper cut around the tube where I needed it to be cut at.  I then karate chopped it off the edge of the table breaking it in two. Yup! I did that!  Use your exacto knife again to clean up the edges.  Have your shoe box ready take the bottom of the tube and put it in the middle of the side of the shoe box.  Outline it and cut it out with your exacto knife.  Be able to slide the tube all the way through the shoebox.  Give your tube  1/2 inch to full inch on the other side of the shoebox.  Then place rubber bands around the shoebox. 6  for a guitar or 4 for a bass. I guess I made Jackson a bass if we are going to be technical.





Bottom line… Jackson loves this thing. He plays it anytime he hears music.