DIY Crib to Headboard

I bought a new platform bed and knew I wanted to make my own headboard.  I was at Lowe’s with my mom one day and I was trying to figure out legs and particle board and everything else to use for a headboard. Let me tell you it was getting pretty expensive. Well luck would have it I have been saving Action Jackson’s crib for the past few years, rather my parents have been storing it for me.  It’s a dark sleigh style crib and my mom had the genius idea to use it as my headboard.  Well it works!   I had purchased 2 yards of natural linen to redo a couple of older chairs that were my grandparents. My mom was getting rid of their mattress pad and saved it for me to use foam (for ottoman, headboard, anything)

Here is what I did

I prepped and  painted the crib off white/ ivory. The original color is what is shown in the boxes.  I didn’t paint the squares since that is where the foam would be going.


I laid the foam on the squares and used medium heavy spray adhesive to help secure it.


I draped the linen over the foam and started stretching it and nailing it down with finishing nails around the edges to help secure the foam and linen.




Last step I got natural rope from Home Depot and did a double strand around the entire upholstered area.


I need to take a fair away picture. It is extremely comfortable.  Meaning I can lay against my headboard and not need pillows behind my head.. how amazing!