Fireworks in a Jar!

Science can be truly fun. In my opinion it is usually the experiments that are my favorite part of science.  Experiments for kids open up a whole new world full of wonder and excitement.

Fireworks in a Jar would be great to teach kids ages 2+ about how oil doesn’t mix with water.  I got this idea from I Can Teach My Child.  Action Jackson loved it so much we did it 3 times!

What you need:

  1. Clear jar or glass of warm water
  2. Small dish or bowl with about 1-2 TBSP of oil (Veg. oil works just fine)
  3. Food Coloring! At least 3 different colors
  4. Fork to stir

 Step 1: Fill your jar or glass 3/4 full of warm water.  Add oil to your small dish.


Step 2: Add your food coloring to your oil. About 3-4 drops of each color. We used 6 colors on the 1st go round. Eventually will turn your water black. If you want to be able to see fireworks better, use maybe 3-4 different colors. 



Step 3: Gently mix food color and oil using your fork.



Step 4: Slowly pour your oil into your water, something your child can help you do. 

IMG_3071 6 different colors, turns the water very dark


Viola! A quick science experiment where your child can do at least 90% of it!