Scribble T-Shirt’s!!!

I found this idea at Aesthetic Nest through Pinterest (of course!) several months ago and made Jackson a t-shirt with his initial on it.  Well the shirt was one of those basic under shirts that were too big so it was only a night time shirt because it was big too.

Well we are taking Jackson to the circus tomorrow. He loves the zoo so much, we hope he will love the circus just as much.  He loves giraffes and elephants. Since giraffes aren’t in the circus ( at least last time I checked they aren’t) I decided to make him a elephant scribble t shirt. It is still one of those basic under shirts but for tomorrow it can work.

What You Need:

  1. Basic color shirt. White works best. 
  2. Fabric markers
  3. Freezer paper
  4. Applique pattern.
  5. Hot Iron, X-acto Knife, and Cardboard for in between the shirt.

Step 1:  Find an applique pattern you like.  There are many free ones out there. I got my elephant pattern from Homemade Gifts Made Easy which can be found here. Just make sure to get one that can fit on your shirt and will fit where you want it on the shirt.

Step 2: Freezer Paper. Place your pattern under the freezer paper and trace it onto the rough side of the paper. After you trace your pattern use your X-acto knife to cut it out. Be careful not to cut yourself!

Step 3: Iron.    Place your freezer paper smooth side down on to your shirt, where ever you want it.  Make sure your iron is hot. Iron the freezer paper onto your shirt. This will take some pressure. Make sure all of your edges are iron down.

Step 4: SCRIBBLE!!!!!   Give your little one some fabric markers and let them scribble all on the inside of the freezer paper.  I outlined my elephant this time but didn’t with his “J” shirt. The more scribbles and different colors the better. Once you are done making art peel off the freezer paper.


Step 5: Iron. I iron a second time just to seal everything.


Finished product!  I like it!

I hope you and your little ones have a blast making some one of a kind t-shirts!



**Updated 09/18/13**

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